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While growing up on the west side of Cleveland, Bob Peck was always fascinated by the graffiti art in his neighborhood during the 1980's. As he became older, he began to learn about the culture and picked up the spray paint can as a tool for his art, alongside his traditional markers and acrylics. In later years, Peck took his knowledge of graffiti art and started to place it onto canvas, in a fine art setting.

Soon though, he realized that graffiti art belonged out in the streets and not in a gallery setting. One day, while looking at the background colors he had painted on a canvas for one of the graffiti pieces, he realized that he liked the canvas as it was. He left it with just the loose flowing lines and splatters and moved onto another project. A new background was painted, again with the intention of eventually painting graffiti lettering on top of it. Once again, Peck liked the initial colors too much to paint anything in the foreground.

He soon realized that he had begun a transcendence into the world of abstract art. After honing in on this style for a few months, he began to show these pieces in local galleries. Time passed and Bob Peck continued to develop a blend of graffiti and abstract work, eventually bringing back some of the hard-lined shapes, reminiscent of the bold lettering that was graffiti.

In the end, the work is all about movement, flow and energy. Capturing a fragment of graffiti art and stretching it to the limits of the imagination, breaking the rules of structure and format that came with graffiti lettering.

Bob Peck has created works for clients such as The Gravity Games, Red Bull, Scion and many other major clients. His work can be found in many local Cleveland galleries throughout the year.

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